Bad To The Bone Part 2

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Bentley & Lois ' Wedwink


Bentley & Lois ,wedwinked on August 10, 2007 ,in luff furrebber



My luff & I danced on de beach all night, on de night we was wed !


It is wif a heavy heart  I post dis, my luff of my life, LOis Elizabeth LaFeete-Jones went to de Rainbow Bridge tonight, April 14, 2008.I will miss her until I join her.


Dis de wedding cake Shamus baked us !


We wuz wedwinked by  Bt , De Most Rite Reverend Benjamin Titus Roberts La-Feete Jones , Furst Bishop Of De Free Methodist Church


Dis de honeymoon cottage, where we stayed all week !


Dis de sailboat we goin sailin' on tomorrow!


My luffly LOis
Feb. 22, 1990--April 14, 2008
Rest in peace, my love

My sweet LOis sent me dis letter frum de Bridge
I luff yew. Yew haf made me a furry happee gurl kitty. I am sorry we dint haf moor time, but I am gratful fer efurry minite we had.
Tewday wuz not fun. I jes dint feel gud. I dint wanna eet kuz i t made me sick n den my shugers were all messed up, n it made me sicker. My furry nise vetty told me dat he koodnt make me better.
Mama n daddee camed to see me n I let mama hold me in her lap. I never did dat. But I knew she needed it, n she wuz nise n warm. Daddee brought my brush n comb n made me all purrrty to go to de Brij.
Den de vetty put a needle in me, wich I dint like much, n I jes kinda got sleepy n snoozed off. Mama wuz wisperin sumpin about smellin donutholes, wich wuz my favrit fude n I habnt had enny since I got de diedbeetles.
Well, next fing I knew, dere wuz a furrend of mine frum De Uffur Bord standin wif a huge bowl of donut holes yellin n wavin at me!! He wuz a diedbetik tew, n my mama had helped his mama a lot. Den - dere camed my beluffed sisfur Younie n her hubby Unka!! N den my Timmy wuz dere!! N I wuz RUNNIN N JUMPIN n so meeny of my ol furrends were dere, n Sheila n Cosmo dat libed wif mama befoor I did!!!! Oh my!! I am at de Rainbow Brij!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  n it is eben moor wonderful dan de stories about it!!! Oh, it is so nise here!!

But I kood SEE my daddee on his knees in de vetty office ware I had bin n he wuz bawlin n mama wuz cryin. Younie told me dat I wood see dat, but I wood also heer dem laff at de fun we had. I worried bowt ifn my daddee will be able to tie his shoes wifout me, n Younie sed he wood n dat he wood alwayz remember how I helped  him.
I also kin see BT. He is furry confused n dont wanna eet till I do. I hope he can heer me mumblin wif my mouf full of donutholes so he will eet agin. He is furry confused n  lonely n I hope he will let mama take care of him. I never knew how much I luffed him. I will miss him till he comes here.
N now I can see yew, Ben. Yew are eben moor hansum dan I knew. I kin see yew are cryin, n I am tew. I will miss yew so much. But I will be heer waitin fer yew.
I will luff yew fereber eber.
LOis, yer wife


Dis de beach we lazing on ebery day !


From my Lois on Valentine's Day, 2/14/2008


To my Lois, on Valentines Day, 2008.



From Mouse & the Earth Angels !
Dese iz magic cakes dat are also purresents and inside are all yewr fafurite things and efury light on da bushes iz a wish come true fur bof of yew!  AND da furlafur of da cake is whatefur yew feel like tasting at dat moment!!  AND da cake stays furesh and deeeeelishus and nefur disapurrs (unless yew want it to!) and yew can't get upset tummies or fat!!  ENJOY!!




Dese are de pwesents I gave my luffly bride on our wedding day !
Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings, & 2 dozen roses.






Dis luffly clock beez our first wedding gift , from Auntie Shelia , &  Auntie Nancy & their kitties !